Art Sheffield: Festival of Contemporary Art

Art Sheffield: Festival of Contemporary Art


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Fri 04 Oct 2013 - Sat 14 Dec 2013

Festival of Contemporary Art is the Arts Council funded event in the somewhat forgotten city, which is quickly reclaiming its title of a city worth visiting.

The festival comprises of a long list of events taking place across the city, including performances, talks, gallery guides, film, and exhibitions by Zero Hours and Parallel Projects.

Zero Hours is the first exhibition of the festival, and will be running alongside their other major exhibition of events running parallel. Zeo Hours starts with a single work by artist Joseph Beuys' Wirtschaftswerte (Economic Values), 1980. Made up of prosaic metal storage shelves, decaying grocery materials from the former German Democratic Republic and historic paintings created between the birth and death of Karl Marx (1818-1883), and selected from Sheffield's visual art collection, the work opens up questions about systems, value and art.

See their website for a full list of up coming events, but the one which caught my eye includes Making Diverse Economies (7th December) by Julia Udall and Charlotte Morgan. This event focuses on the economy: co-production, labours of care, volunteering, social enterprise, gifts, bartering, salvaging and cooperatives, via presentations and roundtable discussions.

The piece de resistance of this whole festival, in my opinion, is the work of Mikhail Karikis: 102 Years out of Sync (29th November).

Karikis' work is a film which is inspired by revered philopher and poet, Alerighi Dante, and his silent film L'Inferno. The film was Italy's first feature film, and thus has a raw quality to it, which Karikis has recaptured and reworked with his new film Children of the Unquiet. The film promises to be one for the senses, and (thankfully), free, although it's advised to reserve tickets.

All of the Zero Hours and Parallel Projects venues can be found here, but if you don't make it for every single one, each piece of work has more than enough artist value, so, the one event might just be the culture fix you need.

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