The Art of Tea Cafe

The Art of Tea Cafe


Posted 2014-01-09 by Hannah Rosa Janefollow

For those not familiar with this little cafe-come-bookshop in East Didsbury, the title of this piece will no doubt have sounded more like the precursor to an article on the skill of making a good cup of tea.

However, though this is no such article I can assure you that The Art of Tea lives up to its name: making a good cup of tea is one thing, amongst others, that this little cafe does well.

Tucked at the end of a long row of shops and cafes just off from Didsbury's central high street this cafe serves tea, coffee and cake throughout the day alongside a daytime menu which gains a few additions, and a few added extras on the specials board, as it becomes the evening menu.

For chip lovers, there is one thing I must warn you: the only thing The Art of Tea does not serve is chips. So just to give you a heads up, if it's chips you're after this is not your place.

And with that little note out the way we can discuss what the menu does consist of. Both the daytime and evening menu, as previously mentioned, are similar. They stick to the basics of salads, sandwiches, pizzas and a range of mezze boards as well as several specials which change daily. The salads, pizzas and sandwiches all combine really fresh ingredients and I would particularly recommend the slow roast belly pork sandwich.

Perhaps the best part of the cafe is the adjoining bookshop. A door at the back leads to a small, second-hand bookshop where you can peruse the shelves as you wait for your crayfish salad to arrive. This addition give the 'Art' of Tea a second meaning.

It's refreshing to find a cafe with a bit of a twist, especially as you don't expect to stumble upon it at the end of this little row of shop fronts.

The only thing worth mentioning is that the cafe is relatively small and though this is undoubtedly part of its charm it does mean you might be unable to get a seat at certain times on certain days.

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