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Aroma Restaurant


Posted 2012-08-19 by Leo Ego Lopezfollow

First of all let me start by saying, unfortunately I have food allergies so I can't always fully enjoy my visits to restaurants but I love food!

I have been to Aroma Chinese buffet in Shepherds Bush twice and I left there looking pregnant (NO, I did not do THAT!) and very very happy.

The buffet is quite pricey; over £12 when you are above a certain height. There are a great selection of drinks from hot drinks, to alcohol to sparkling water. The mints at the bar are very handy after a well-seasoned and flavourful meal or three. The staff are so helpful, friendly and quick to respond but I did wait more than 45mins for a straw and ended up going to get it myself but I think I really did need that exercise at that moment in time.

I would highly recommend grabbing 2-3 plates full of the BBQ ribs - they are absolutely tasty. Very fresh, not chewy like the ribs you would buy from takeaway shops that have been re-heated several times. The BBQ sauce is pleasant, not tangy. The stickiness is just right; you hardly notice it because you will be licking your fingers every 10secs just to retain the taste in your buds! Wouldn't recommend to anyone on a diet but would definitely recommend the ribs to someone on a diet with special 'treat' days - these BBQ ribs are not boney at all. I have always eaten them whilst hot, with chips and Aroma's delicious vegetable spring rolls, piled onto another plate.

What's a full calorie Chinese meal (or three) without fruits? Not a very fun meal. I would recommend the fruits such as melon and grapes which are fresh and juicy and great to eat when you need a break from plate 2 before you move onto plate 3. However there was nothing new like Chinese jujube or Chinese quince fruits.

The lighting in the toilets are quite dim which isn't too great but the layout is manageable. No, the mirrors don't do magic tricks so if you eat a lot, it will show you.

Enjoy your time at Aroma Chinese Buffet; sit next to the windows so you can look down at the busy streets of Shepherds Bush, which is an easy distraction from how many plates of food you have in front of you. My advice, once you've entered and settled down, march to the food area and start of with two plates, fill them up, take them back to your table then immediately go and fill up another two plates before you start eating.

q& #464 ;ng màn yòng! ("please eat slowly" in mandarin)

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