Alton Towers Theme Park

Alton Towers Theme Park


Posted 2016-10-13 by Leanne Beadlefollow
It was my 41st birthday. What to do? What to do? I know, I'll book a family day out to Alton Towers and relive my twenty-something years.

We arrived for opening at 10 a.m and had to queue for a good 45 minutes for the monorail to get to the entrance. We'd pre-booked our tickets, and paid £103.00 using a kids pass code, which included the £6 parking fee: a reasonable price, when you consider that it's £175.20 for a family ticket.

We walked round, taking it all in, and got to the Dark Forest. My husband and 9 year old daughter went on Thirteen (her first rollercoaster), while I stayed with our 12 year old son, who is not a thrill seeker.

A short walk away and we arrived in the X Sector, home to the notorious Oblivion ride. My husband persuaded me to go on it, after all it was my birthday. W were surprised at the lack of queues and actually walked straight on, which was probably a good thing. It was worse than I remembered, hanging over a dark void, with a robotic voice booming 'Don't look down', then shooting down a vertical drop, leaving my stomach at the top.

Alton Towers offers much in the way of fine dining. It was my son's idea to go to the Rollercoaster Restaurant for lunch. The Rollercoaster Restaurant was great and not badly priced. You place your order on an iPad, which goes off to the kitchen. You receive your food and drinks in a securely wrapped pot as it rolls towards you on tracks. My son and daughter loved it.

We stayed at Alton Towers until its 6 p.m closing time. We had a fun day, but my advice to anyone would be, if you don't like getting wet, avoid certain rides. We went on the Congo River Rapids, which was bad enough, but add into the mix rainy weather and you don't really stand a chance.

Altio Towers has lots to do for all ages, young and old. There are always lots of friendly, approachable staff on hand to solve any problems. I would certainly recommend giving Alton Towers a go if you ever find yourself at a loose end.

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