The Actress Restaurant

The Actress Restaurant


Posted 2014-10-05 by Tammy Faceyfollow
I found this place thanks to the Dojo app, which picks out restaurants near you. It only took 10 minutes to get to this place in the car from south-east, and there's on-street parking on the streets surrounding the bar-come-stylish pub.

It was the ideal location for an after-work catch up with an old colleague. Casual, but stylish, comfortable and still smooth, East Dulwich was right on the money.

Admittedly, the outdoor benches are a bit on the skinny side. My friend has long legs and often, we knocked knees. We didn't mind too much though because we were distracted by the easy-going vibe of the place, the heated lights and the fact that we could borrow a lighter - smoking outside is permitted.

I'm lying a little, the main reason we were distracted, was the fantastic food. And I mean it was fantastic. The type of food that's rustic, familiar, not show-offy, but packed full of flavour.

After looking at the menu of chicken croquettes, burgers and slider, the three of us decided to share pitta bread with hummous dip.

The hummous dip wasn't quite hummous, but an avocado sauce, so we put that to one side. The chicken wings and pizza though. Please take a moment. Unfortunately my vocabulary is yet wide enough to describe the chicken wings. They weren't just chicken wings, but deep friend, crispy, ever so slightly peppery, tender wings in a sticky sweet sauce. They were so moreish and delicious.

The pizza was one of the best I've tried of the wood-fired oven variety. One of the friends I was catching up with, is vegetarian, so we thought we'd try the sweet potato and goat's cheese pizza, so we could all enjoy it. The base was soft, well made and thin. Despite the thin base, the toppings didn't fail to impress. Generous portions of goat's cheese were scattered across the pizza as was cubes of roasted sweet potato, it was hearty, home-cooked, healthy food. We al loved it.

The Actress serve familiar food, just a trendier, creatively flavoured version, which was very welcome at our table.

There were also kids in the pub, from babies in buggies to little ones eating chips and beans inside. The Actress, unashamedly gets my vote.

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