Absolute Taste Bistro at Mercedes Benz World

Absolute Taste Bistro at Mercedes Benz World


Posted 2018-02-19 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
Sometimes you really have to take time off and explore your backyard! I mean, I didn't know till recently that there was the Mercedes Benz showroom, simulator, driving track and of course, a delightful restaurant, unobtrusively tucked away just a 30-minute drive from our house!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, so, hubby and I found ourselves there one afternoon not long ago, just a quick 'working lunch' type thing. Well, we had to check out the place for someone who'd asked us to.

So, this restaurant 'Absolute Taste' is a bistro type restaurant. When we went there around noon, there were just one or two other tables occupied. The head waiter recommended we sit in the terraced area as that commanded a good view of the track, which it did indeed! Every now and then, we could see young lads redeeming the 'Under 16' driving experience vouchers and of course, Mercedes own test drivers rev up the engines and race along.

Our lunch was a lovely, unhurried affair, that cost us around £60 for two. We had a starter of Chicken Ceasar salad which we shared. Chargrilled sirloin steak with all the works and good old bangers and mash formed our mains respectively. For dessert, I had a lovely rhubarb-y jelly-like thing with wafers interspersed (the actual name eludes me though). And, I think they keep changing their desserts now and then because I couldn't find this again on their menu.

Once we were done, the head waiter, who clearly knows the routine so well, asked us to pose in a particular angle so we would get the Mercedes Benz logo clearly in the shot. We felt quite lazily full after such a repast, but hubby did still make a pit stop at the Formula 1 simulator which allows one to drive those sleek looking beasts on a virtual race track for 10 quid.

So, summing up, yes, this place has something for everyone- a quick getaway for couples, a lunch or even a stay at their hotel on site, a day for families with children (I think boys will take to it like ducks to water, but then again, I think many girls too would love the thrill of the simulators).

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