The 78 Restaurant

The 78 Restaurant


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Are you veggie/vegan and desperately missing a full English/Scottish breakfast? Do you stare spitefully or while drooling as people around you tuck into their sausages, beans, toast and all those tasty things on their greasy plates? Then get your butt to 78 please. That's right - I'm telling you to do it and I can guarantee you will thank me for it later (you may also tell me to sod off for telling you what to do, however you will still enjoy a fantastic meal and that is what really counts here. We all know it).

We've been meaning to try 78 for years. The place is only 5 minutes from our flat and we never went in for anything more than a pint. Then came the wonderful Sunday when we went out searching for a place to celebrate the end of my degree by enjoying a cooked breakfast on a lazy morning (with, ahem ahem.. a pint of cider. Don't judge. I earned it. That last year was pretty horrendous. Also, this is Glasgow. It would be RUDE to not have a drink with breakfast on a Sunday. Enough said).

I feel like the pictures I have here do not do this place justice. I don't know if pictures ever could as it's just fantastic. We ordered two full breakfast, and our hungry teen got himself the fresh houmous with pitta bread and some fries. The houmous tasted like they had whizzed it together right there and then, and had a delicious and perfect amount of high-quality olive oil swirling through it. As a final beautiful touch, the staff sprinkled the perfect amount of smoked paprika right across it. Beautiful.

Their fries were definitely made on the spot - it was essentially a giant potato cut into fries and deep-fried a few minutes ago. Outstanding. What made it even better was the fact that they served it with their own hand-made vegan mayonnaise, which tasted so good that I actually called them later in the week just to double-check they were definitely a vegan place to ease my conscience. I was convinced that perhaps it was only vegetarian and the mayo we were served was the awful egg-white product. It sounds like a small thing to rave about, but later-in-life plant-eating folk like me are so grateful for places like 78 who can create something as awesome as that mayo.

The big breakfasts were enormous - they were not kidding, so go there starving folks and you will leave very happy and full. It came with veggie sausages, deliciously juicy large mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, wilted spinach, fried sweet potato cubes, baked beans, toast with vegan butter and two potato scones. It was heaven and I cannot wait to go back. Even my carnivorous other half loved his breakfast and is keen to go back with me.

What I love especially about this place is the people. The staff are incredibly chilled, but they also couldn't be more attentive. They know everything about their food and their drinks and are so helpful. They also dress in the funkiest ways, which I would love to try and imitate but I've tried in the past and always end up looking like a clown person. I just admire from a distance now. Love it. The customers are the same - everyone is full of smiles and there to just enjoy themselves. The place gets absolutely packed some nights but I can't say I have ever come across a horribly drunk and rowdy group of people in there and I would hope the staff can say the same. Which reminds me, it's a good idea to reserve a table if you're eating here.

We sat outside where there are three or four small tables, as it was such a beautiful and sunny day. The chairs are a bit wobbly - I almost went flying out of mine so watch out - don't be clumsy like Yaz. Be better! There are an abundance of tables and chairs indoors and a couple of comfy couches too. I can't recommend the place enough. Go here soon! I know we will - their list of freshly made vegan puddings are on my bucket list.

Top tip: Students - take your cards with you on Tuesday for a whopping 20% off your food bill.

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