70 Things To Do With Kids if You're Stuck at Home

70 Things To Do With Kids if You're Stuck at Home


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As we're in the middle of a pandemic, chances are you and your children will be confined to your house for the next weeks or months. Being stuck with your children for an indefinite amount of weeks can be stressful, especially when you are unsure of how to entertain them or have to work from home and don't want any distractions. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun and education activities you can do with your children (or they can do alone) to keep them occupied while they're off nursery or school, ranging from cooking to going on a treasure hunt to learning about your ancestors. Below is a list of things you and your children (regardless of their age) can do to make the most out of the next few weeks or months.

1. Play indoor or outdoor hide and seek
2. Bake cupcakes or cookies
3. Build a treehouse
4. Camp in the living room or garden
5. Make ice cream
6. Complete a puzzle
7. Play board games. If your children are in nursery, completing board games will improve their language skills, social development, colour and shape recognition, and self-control.
8. Play charades
9. Learn a poem
10. Make friendship bracelets
11. Make slime
12. Have a picnic (either indoors or outdoors)
13. Create a family tree
14. Teach your kid to juggle
15. Create a family tree
16. See how long you and your child can Hula Hoop for
17. Have a water fight
18. Host a treasure hunt
19. Play 'I Spy'. This will improve your child's listening skills.
20. Make play dough
21. Have a pillow fight
22. Put on a puppet show
23. Play Marble Run
24. Play Jenga
25. Write letters to a PenPal
26. Teach your child to cook simple meals, e.g. pasta and egg dishes (providing they're old enough)
27. Play dressing up
28. Build a fort
29. Wash toys. This is the perfect activity for children between the ages of 2 and 5. Simply fill a tray with soapy water and get your kids to wash their dolls / Lego / toy cars / rubber ducks.
30. Make your own bookmarks
31. Decorate T-shirts
32. Paint leaves
33. Make finger / sock puppets
34. Write a story
35. Do Yoga
36. Sing karaoke
37. Complete a colouring book
38. Play a game of Top Trumps
39. Join Joe Wicks for PE. Body Coach Joe Wicks is hosting a series of PE sessions on YouTube for children who are at home from school during the pandemic.
40. Run around your garden
41. Teach your child to do households chores, e.g. making the bed, washing up dishes and loading the washing machine.
42. Set up an obstacle course with cushions, balls and bean bags
43. Make a scrapbook from your last holiday
44. Have a virtual playdate on FaceTime or Skype
45. Donate any unused toys / books / clothes to charity
46. Create home videos so that your children have something to look back at when they're older
47. Memorise the countries of the world
48 Memorise the periodic table
49. Make gratitude lists
50. Have a tea party
51. Memorise all the Prime Ministers / Presidents
52. Research universities or colleges. If your child is in the middle of completing their A Levels or AP courses, now is the time for them to have a look at any suitable universities or colleges, and get a head start on their personal statement. Teens who aren't planning to go to uni or college can use this time to research jobs, other courses or places they might want to travel to.
53. Decorate rocks or stones
54. Sing nursery rhymes
55. Go on a bug hunt
56. Have a dance party
57. Learn how to do origami
58. Make paper aeroplanes
59. Make DIY face masks
60. Start a journal
61. Make up dance routines and try TikTok challenges
62. Make pizza and try different toppings
63. Sketch your pet(s)
64. Bake bread
65. Learn how to do a handstand
66. Make a time capsule
67. Sew a pillow
68. Look at old pictures
69. Learn calligraphy
70. Look at the moon with a telescope or binoculars

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