2:22 A Ghost Story

2:22 A Ghost Story


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Tue 16 Jan 2024 - Sat 20 Jan 2024

Coming out of the various lockdowns, 2:22 - A Ghost Story was a huge hit when it opened on the West End. Its mix of spooky goings-on, dysfunctional friends and family, and humour hit the mark. And now the show is on tour.

The touring cast features Fiona Wade as Jenny, the mum who is convinced she is hearing footsteps in her baby’s bedroom at 2:22am each morning. Then there is George Rainsford as Sam, her husband, who puts his trust in science over superstition. They throw a dinner party for Sam’s long-term friend Lauren, played by Vera Chok, and her new partner Ben, played by Jay McGuiness.

And all hell is let loose. As the wine flows and the discussions delve into the paranormal, long buried feelings, suspicions and prejudices loom to the surface, relationships crack, and secrets are shared.

The real star of this show is Danny Robins’ script which is razor-sharp. While we’re all waiting to discover whether or not the ghost is a figment of Jenny’s imagination, we’re also treated to a plethora of emotions as the four adults compete, both literally in a game but also more metaphorically as each wants to believe they are right.

Wade’s Jenny is fractured. She’s not been sleeping, she’s uncertain of what is happening and she is afraid. As she switches from hysteria to recrimination, we aren’t sure whether we can trust her judgment or not.

We also gradually dislike her husband Sam. Rainsford gives a good portrayal of a man convinced he knows best. He’s smug and annoying and yet also, at times, shows that vulnerability of also knowing his behaviour can wreck relationships.

McGuiness provides much of the comedy as the builder thrown into a world of intellectuals who he believes are pretentious and, frankly, stuck-up. Determined to bring them down a peg or two, he also has a few surprises up his sleeve as the evening progresses.

And Chok gives us a Lauren who drinks far too much and, in doing so, allows her front of cool, calm and collected to slip until she’s uttering truths best left unsaid.

As the evening progresses the tension between the group mounts, as does the tension from the audience as we all wait to see what will or will not happen at 2:22am. A large digital clock in the background keeps us constantly reminded of that countdown.

Originally directed by Matthew Dunster and now co-directed with Isabel Marr, the show keeps moving at a rapid pace as the quick-fire exchanges and dry humour keep coming. The team also ensure lots of shock moments to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Ultimately this show is about far much more than ghosts though. While the Ghost Story element keeps the narrative thread on its toes, the production is also about human nature, friendship, love, relationships and people.

At two hours long, it’s a short but perfectly formed show which will have audience members in discussion for days afterwards.

At Birmingham Alexandra Theatre until 20 Jan, see here for tickets. 2:22 - A Ghost Story also plays on 20-24 Feb at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre.


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