10 Rules for Living in London

10 Rules for Living in London


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People often find themselves in a predicament whenever they are visiting a new city. You may be feeling a mix of emotions from being overwhelmed to aghast. However, when you are in London, you are expected to adhere to a few rules, some unsaid.

1) Don't stand on the left of the escalators. That space is reserved for the 'late for something' Londoners. Take your time and admire the beauty of the Tube Station from the right side.

2) Don't stop dead suddenly when moving, chances are there are a couple of others following right behind you. Instead, walk to a side and then park yourself for whatever reason you might have.

3) While walking, if you encounter someone coming from the other end, more often than not, he would move to his right (even though left is the preferred direction to drive).

4) Carry an Oyster Card. It doesn't only save you money (almost half the price of a normal bus ticket), but also saves the person behind you from waiting while you fiddle your way in trying to figure out where that ticket stub goes in the machine.

5) Always stand behind the yellow lines on the Tube Station or inside a bus. Don't crowd, and if it is crowded, wait.

6) Don't pose for pictures at a place where people are trying to walk past. Either wait, or move to a better location.

7) Don't run in the city, unless it's after a bus.

8) Have a cuppa in a mug. Tea cups are for Sunday afternoon.

9) Whatever you do, don't stop a Londoner. They are always on the run. If you want someone to take your picture, ask some other tourist. For directions, carry a GPS phone or look at the maps on bus stops or tube stations. The road signs are usually up on the corner of the wall.

10) Carry a book and a backpack. The book will spare you the awkward eye shying moments in the Tube and the backpack will save you the trouble of holding stuff in your hand in the cold. Also, it minimises the use of plastic and helps save nature.

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